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Welcome to the Great Priory of  Germany!

Although a short history of our Order can be found in our main information sheet, briefly our Order was re-introduced by the Great Priory of Scotland in 1957 and although through the initial turmoil of the post war period, other foreign Templar Orders established bases in the then West Germany, the Great Priory of Scotland first through the re establishment of several Preceptories/Priories and a subsequent District in May 1981, ensured that Templar Masonry retained a stable base for the future. The original masonic Templar degree came with the Strict Observance in 1769 through Baron von Hunt.

The Constitution of a new and sovereign Great Priory of Germany followed in May 1982 and full international recognition soon followed at the present time this expanding Order has Preceptories/Priories in Berlin, Bielefeld, Detmold, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Paderborn, Soest, Vienna and Abqaiq, with recent additions in Dresden.

Although traditionally a Christian Order over seven different nationalities are at present members of our Order, and in fact four of our Preceptories/Priories work ritual in the English language.

The Great Priory Muster is held in the month of May each year with the next Muster scheduled for May 2017 once again emphasising the continuing stability of the Order here in Germany

We hope that you enjoy our small website and if a Knight Templar we might on some occasion be able to meet and greet you personally. If not yet a Knight Templar may we hope that this short insight into Templar masonry will encourage you to join the Order somewhere in the world.

If you are viewing the Site in Germany may we invite you without obligation to contact the brother knight stated for further details of our Order at the following email address:

May I thank you once again for visiting our Website, and also for the comments you might have left in our Guest book and may we hope that you might visit again in the near future.

May we wish you every success in all your endeavours in the future..........


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